Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Word Portrait

I've always thought doing a portrait was kinda cheesy but not until I saw this beautiful word portrait! My my..now I want one for myself.

Love these series of edited photographs, kind of reminds me of the movie Inception. How cool if our world is semi transparent!

Tape me down

Such a lovely idea to use tape as a hook! It is actually made of paper and moulded to shape! Can't wait to get my hands on it:)

Living Dream

I love all the quirky touches in this house! Particularly the lampshade of different colour hair swatches:P

Friday, May 20, 2011

Presenting CHALK 1st stop motion film!

CHALK CRUISE 2012 COLLECTION: SUNNY SIDE UP from Priscilla Tan on Vimeo.

We first came across our ex intern Kaixin's stop motion graduation film and chanced upon the works of talented Carisia Chew! For our cruise collection at Blueprint we're really excited to present a collaboration between fashion, photography and art together!

Carisia robbed in Yanrong who did all the pretty illustrations and Joshua to create the light beat music for our video. We're so proud that all efforts for this project is true blue local:) We hope this video brings a smile on your face just as it did for us!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Heart Beating Stop

Our hearts literally stopped beating as we saw the awesome stop motion video Carisia and Yanrong did for our cruise collection! Here, I'm learning in awe of how they did it with such ease and we CANNOT WAIT to debut this beautiful work of art at our Blueprint 2011 this coming Thursday!

Life Balance

This coming week is our last leg of race for BLUEPRINT 2011 from 19-22nd of May and we're trying our best to balance our life with work, laughter, stress, joy and smiles!

Parco Fashion Show review on FashForward.com

Read this upbeat review of our show from FashForward.com and more behind the scenes pictures of all our collections! We just found out the great Colin Mcdowell was present at our show!OMG..

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Gorgeous Karen and her adorable Kayley in custom made Chalk dress:)
All the beautiful headpieces you see at the show are created with love by Elaine from All Things are green and beautiful!
Kayley's little companion her little sheep which contains her sweets
(Pst..it's a secret she told me!)
Our first girl who happens to be a Russian too:)
Our favourite model of the night!

It was a power flower moment for us!
And our very own maxi lace dress
Our show ended off with a thunder of claps as Mathilda stormed the runway with such confidence! Dick Lee who happened to watch the show had his eyes glued on her as Mathilda was once the runner up of Singapore Idol when he was judge!
The grand finale!
All these images are from dawnbey.com! Thanks to her for the great shots and to view more pictures of the show yesterday do check out her site! Thanks Dawn:)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

We're featured on Audi Fashion Fest Tweets!

Social media is insanely awesome! U can get super fast up to date information in seconds and we just saw some reviews of our show on AFF2011 Twitter account!

We're featured on Fash Eccentric!

It's fashion festival this season and it's so fun catching up with fashion bloggers like Xiao Wen from Fash Eccentric and like minded fashionista again! Last night, we held an intimate fashion showcase at Style Space on Level 4 of TANGS ORCHARD! And we showcased some new looks for our latest capsule and are now available in stores:)

We're featured on Her World.com!

Our very first show at The Tent at PARCO NEXT NEXT Audi Fashion showcase was simply awesome because of so many people! Particularly my star models Mathilda D'sliva, Karen and her daughter Kayley and Clara for being the face of CHALK despite their first attempt at modelling! Right after the show, we're thrilled to read this article by Niki writing about how fun it was watching a local fashion show and why!

We're featured on FashForward.com!

Just read a write up that Laila from FashForward.com of the official Audi Fashion Festival did and I can't stop giggling that all the shots have my eyes closed:p I must be laughing so hard my eyes cant be seen! Do check out the thoughts of all of us who just completed a smashing show at the Tent for PARCO NEXT NEXT!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mini E

Isnt this adorable! love the fonts and how they each have a character of its own!

Today I am going to wear yellow!

Aw..isn't she such a darling in all yellow:)

The Wonder Bra

I love this advert and wonder why can't lingerie advertisements be as tasteful as this! Don't they realize less is more?

:) lights

If you ever need a perk me up at home, these illustrated lights will be the perfect DIY project to start!

Table Rules

If you've been clueless about how to set up a table, check this out! I find this super helpful and there are no more excuses for not being a great party host!

A little pop of colour

Ideas for our next collection...yum yum!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

We're having a fashion show at TANGS ORCHARD this Friday 7pm!

This Friday, if you're thinking of heading to town please do join us at our first fashion show at TANGS ORCHARD at Style Space on level 4! We'll be staging the show together with 4 other very talented local designers:) It starts at 7pm and we look forward to meeting all of you there to lend us your support!

The lovely headpieces Hilda and I are wearing is by the great hands of Elaine Pang from All things green and beautiful! She did some one of the kind headpieces specially for our Audi fashion show by Parco Next Next this coming Saturday:)

Sneak peak of our Blueprint preparation

The past month has been insanely busy for us! We're busy prepping for our first tradeshow at Blueprint and 2 fashion shows coming up this weekend:)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011