Friday, November 26, 2010

Fashionable Foodies

When food looks so good, you have to wear it all day long..

Dolly Cup

This pretty illustration reminds us of our dolly we use in our collection every season!

The Next Show

In just a few hours time, the stage will be lit up for a showdown for all the designers at PARCO NEXT NEXT and the new designers coming onboard too. We just came from the full dress rehersal and boy the show looks swell!!!! Everyone's outfit looks fab..lurveee the new waterfall location!

So if you're nearby PARCO MARINA BAY tomorrow, come join us!

Date: 26th November 2010
Time: 7pm sharp
Venue: Temasek Reflections, Millennia Walk
(Near Parco Gelato Entrance)

And for tomorrow night only, we're opened till late for some late night shopping:)

Festive Lights

What is Christmas without candles!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pop Pop

If I can die from a magic mushroom, this will be it! Hee..

Peek Through the Glass

I love a window display with a story! Read about the masterminds behind this beautiful work!

First Shot

CHALK FALL 2010: SHE IS ANNIE Collection from Priscilla Tan on Vimeo.

This is our very first fashion video and we're really Thankful to Kevin from Bayard Studios for turning it into a dream for us. And not forgetting the rest of the crew which put in so much hard work to make it work in half a day!

Video directed by Kevin, Bayard Studios

Photography: Warren Wee

Video Soundtrack composed and sung by our talented Mathilda D'sliva

Video Title: Repercussions

Makeup and Hair: Yanti Huang

Model: Sabina K, Upfront Models

Jewelry: Icing Gifts

Shoes: Shito

Fashion Intern: Kaixin Lau

Sleep Walk

How nice if we can fly!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday, November 21, 2010

We're featured in thedramadiaries blog!

It's always great to catch up with old friends and new ones! And Faz came dressed pretty in Florence Blue dress and was such a darling to blog about our party right away:) Thank u babe!

Heartiest THANK YOU to All!

Our 1st Birthday Party was such a success because of All of you! Thank you all for the smiles, cheers and encouragement! We're so thrilled you guys love our new collection, table display and our black birthday banner! We spotted many of you donned in our designs too..Awww!

And we're so thrilled to see everyone chatting so happily with one another and walking away with our handmade goodie bags! Cupcakes is to more great years for us!

p/s: more pictures of the party will be uploaded soon:)

Friday, November 19, 2010


Big Thanks to Sherrine and Sau Kuen from PARCO for giving us some really wonderful goodies for our 1st Birthday Party!! We have great deals from Dr ci labo, free Bioptron treatment worth $100, Living nature samples and $20 gift vouchers and $49 sessions with erabrow designs (up:$116). Weeh, we're so happy to share all these with you guys!

The shop is dolled with our new collection and the decorations are all in placed!
Can't wait to meet all of u tomorrow:)


All of us love having a svelte toned body and Umma from True Fitness heard my woes about looking good and feeling good over dinner! She came by this evening to pass us a 2 weeks FREE entry pass at the latest and biggest True Fitness outlet at Vivo city! I can't wait to run down and do a great workout! :)

The Heroes

Our Fall collection would not have been possible without the help of so many people! From our fabric supplier to our production house to Kaixin our very hardworking intern and again the "image" team as I put it comes into light!

Photographer: WARREN WEE
Make Up Artist: YANTI HUANG
Videographer: KEVIN from Bayard Studios
Model: SABINA K from Upfront Models (The most friendly and professional model ever!)

Specials Thanks to Warren assistant Dennis and Ro for their great help too! Not forgetting relatives and friends who gave us their Pinnacle@Duxton sky park access cards!!


Melly dress comes in crochet cream knit and metallic gold jersey. $169
Betsy Top comes in contrast polka dot cream and black. It also comes in a dress. $119

Beatrice dress comes only in black with white piping bows. $199

Betty Dress comes in Black with White pin tuck bib detail with detachable bow tie brooch. $199


Michelle Wrap dress comes in graphic print and stripes. $169
Melinda Dress comes in floral print, stripes and blush pink. $169

Rachel silk dress comes in pink sand print, cream and grey. $189

Annie Dress comes in white and beige (tinted with pink). $189

These styles will be available at our PARCO store and all our stockists from the 20th of November.

Who is Annie?

We’re pleased to present: CHALK Fall 2010 Collection- SHE IS ANNIE

Chalk unveils the holiday season with a new line inspired by Annie Hall. Post-modern, intellectual and eternally conflicted about NOT being conflicted, Annie is the quintessential woman of today grappling with career, relationships and that elusive meaning in life.

Work stress, angry disgruntled red-faced boss, endless paper work and that colleague who just won’t shut up? Annie looks calm and relaxed. Legs crossed, mind focused, pen at her lips. Unperturbed. She looks confident. She knows it. C’est La Vie

Work late. Angry disgruntled boyfriend/husband. Dab on that red lipstick. One wink and he falls under her spell. The city lights beckon, washing away dark thoughts of day.

Sometimes the world can wait. And sometimes, just sometimes, the world waits on you.

Chalk addresses the complexities of the woman today with a range of dresses and outfits to suit each moment from day to night. Whether it be light comfortable pieces for work or a casual date to elegant shimmering drapes to match the dazzling city at night, this collection has one theme in mind. To make every moment your very own.

Say: C’est La Vie. Also say: Life is what you make of it.

In Anticipation..

About launching our FALL collection and to celebrate our 1st Birthday in just 1 more day!!! YEAHH:)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Behind the Scenes: Preparation for CHALK BDAE BASH!

If you passed by our shop these few days and was wondering why we're stitching in such concentration, it's all because of the door gift we have specially prepared for our guests this Sat! To make it more exclusive, we only made 50 of them from scratch with lots of love!
Together with the bow tie brooch, we've coupled in some more stuff in our goodie bag! So we went shopping, running, stamping and playing with ribbons and we're proud of how they all turned out! Just 2 more days, and we have lots of steaming, running, tagging and decorating to work on as we hope our goodie bag brings a smile to everyone who swings by!
Imagine my surprise when our previous intern Hilda told me the happiest news ever! She is willing to help me for a month and boy do we need her help!:)


Not sure how many of you out there has sweet tooth? I do for sure! We're so thrilled to share that our dessert sponsor is none other than the very awesome and delicious FROLICK! We'll be dropping 1-for-1 and free toppings vouchers in our goodie bags! Many Thanks to James and Sally of Frolick for their generosity and support!:)

We're featured in WottonCool Blog!

Thanks to Jo and Sarah for featuring us:) Having known them since Swirl days, these girls are always so sweet and smiley everytime they drop by Parco to say hi!

We're featured in Monday Flying!

Monday Flying is one Art, Food, Fashion online magazine I like reading!!
Thanks to Stephie for featuring us :)

Monday, November 15, 2010

Perfect Space

This girl has an awesome blog, great style, beautiful clothes and a really dreamy work space!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Behind the minds of Luxury Brands

In page 327 of Deluxe, I love this quote from Christian Louboutin on what sets him apart from his confreres is his business philosophy.

"Luxury is the possibility to stay close to your customers, and do things that you know they will love. It's about subtlety and details. It's about service. I cannot accept a place where people are badly received. I can't imagine spending several thousand dollars on something and the salesclerk gets annoyed because you take 15 minutes to look. Luxury is not consumerism. It is educating the eyes to see that special quality."

You have to read this book. It's beyond awesome!We got this book at Soon Lee:)

A Bouquet A Day

The weekend is here! And I'm going to buy myself a cherry bouquet:) Isn't this sweet!

A Shout Out!

To Faz for being so supportive and encouraging ALL the time! And for all her advice and help even before I started CHALK! Thanks babe, u rock big time!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Little Black Dress

If you're wondering how Charlotte dress in black looks, here we have one of our favourite shot! Love the bubbles blowing picture the most:)

A step as a time

Does stairways to heaven look anything like this?

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The Red King

I'm so thrilled this exhibition is coming to town!! When I was in Melb in September, I chatted with a lady on the tram before heading to lygon street and she told me her brother curates this exhibition and she told me it's heading to Spore end of the year! Ah..I can't wait to see the legend's designs up close:)