Sunday, March 28, 2010

We are featured on Fashion Nation!

Big Thanks and hugs to Dotti from Fashion Nation for featuring us in her latest blog entry! We're a big fan of the blog as Dot and Stephie are such down to earth and sweet girls in person! Not forgetting their love and great support for Singapore talents:) I especially like their travel guides if you haven't referenced it yet.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Fooling Around

Michelle from La Belle and I started posing in front of the fitting room mirrors at Parco Next Next! It was 12 midnight and we decided to have some fun!
So we went on our contractor's wheel and starting spinning around Parco in many merry-go-rounds!
Next we decided to see if we can jump as high as the promotion poster behind us!
We nudged Alex from Coupe Cousu and he decided to be crazy with us!
And again we flew into the sky!
We took a break behind this gorgeous shop and was back to working hard at our shop again! That little crazy break was really awesome as Michelle and I giggled away.

Treasure Hunting 2

Me beaming away as I found this great looking rattan chair in perfect condition at Salvation Army. We tried fitting it in the store and it goes well with the whole shop decor! Come see it for yourself soon:)

The Double C Crush

A new gift for a new shop beginning! Best part is it's in my favourite colour:)

We are featured on Weekend TODAY!

Many Thanks to Lynette from Today Newspaper for giving us a write up before the grand opening of the shop this coming Wednesday.

We are featured on In!

Big Thanks to Dotti from Fashion Nation for mentioning us in In Sing and for being such a sweetheart for her support right from the beginning! And appreciation to Bing Yee for pointing this article out to me:)

A small note

We just received our shop name card today! And oh no, the font is so tiny we need a binoculars, hoping and praying that the printing shop can help us do a re-print!

The Art of Logo

Be first to see our handwritten and handmade logo at Parco Next Next! Here I am measuring the spacing and doing the alignment of the logo in precise care.
Before I paste it on the wall, I have to first cut out the printed PVC sticker specially for wall decals by doing some markers, cutting and trimming.
And here I am cutting it into the final shape! At this point, I am so nervous about doing the logo as it has to be proportionate and of the right thickness and size! Visit our store to see how our logo fits on our wall!

Press Kit Fun

I had tonnes of fun just cutting, stamping our logo, printing the lookbook and burning the collection cd for our new collection press kit!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

2 Men

I do think about that. But don’t you agree we have to think about that every season anyway? It’s so quick. We live with a future where every three or four months, we have to question everything. You think you could be the best, or that you’re nothing and you don’t know what you’re doing. It is exhausting.
Fashion is ruthless the way every three months you have to think about everything all over again.


I think loneliness comes with being creative, because you are obsessed with creation. And it is so satisfying that sometimes, I have noticed, I completely neglect my friends and my family, and they fall away. That has happened now. I have worked so hard on my film and my business that I need to take the next six months and spend time with Richard [Buckley, Ford’s partner] and friends. Most of them have just sort of forgotten about me, because I have not been there for them. If you are creative, sometimes you give up a lot of things that other people have.


Between Nicholas and Tom on Interview.

Can I live here?

In these globe-shaped houses which are meant for only one.

Under a Cedar Tree

This wedding is beyond beautiful. Ok, maybe I just like the cedar tree.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Friday, March 19, 2010


I read the book and loved it but I am not too sure about the movie. Usually, they don't always work out, especially when you watch this and know it's Julia Roberts acting instead of the real character! But I'll still catch it when it's out:)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

His Voice

Is it hard for you to find time for yourself?
I have to fight to be alone, but I need time to recharge my batteries. Daydreaming is the most important thing for me. It would be a nightmare not to daydream.

This article about Karl is really awesome.

Tulle Fantasy

We're playing with the idea of having some tulle in our shop:)

Furry Connection

Such a clever idea!

Oi Lousie!

Through our research, we immediately found Lousie Brooks, a silent movie film star the perfect style icon for our collection! We watched her movies, went through all her pictures and even got our model wearing a bob wig just like her hairdo!

A little Escape

When the going gets tough, sometimes I wish to escape in a bundle of clouds.
What a wishful thought!

First Glance

This photo from the twenties was the 1st thing we saw that got us all excited about doing a collection based on that era. That swing, the shape and the smiles did it for us:)

The Faces Behind

The "Glad Rag Doll" shoot is not possible without this creative and talented team of my favourite people! Thanks guys, you guys really rock!!!

Give me the bone!

Too cute!