Thursday, April 29, 2010

Sweet Moments

Rain who showered me with Easter egg just a few weeks back came by today and this time she surprised me with chocolate macaroons from Bakerzin ! Ahhhhh I am beyond touched, grateful and speechless. And she is looking really sweet here in Carmen black skirt and I'm in Francesa black dress with the sweet goodies from her in my hand.

To rain: "You totally made my day and thanks so much, please just come by whenever you're free to chat with me and please no more gifts! My turn to shower you with goodies!!!"

3 Power Ladies

We're so thrilled when Serene, June and Genevieve from To The Nines came by dressed in our designs and looking so fabulous and gorgeous after attending the Blueprint show at the Pit building. Here, Gen is dressed in Ownmuse cut out cropped top with Desmond Yang tube dress with the very sweet Johanna.
And Mae so badly wanted a picture with Serene who was wearing a gorgeous black ensemble by her but Serene was camera shy. You have to visit Serene at her shop to catch her stylish dress up!
And of course June who looks way lovely in Dotti Grey dress!

Best Food Combi

Give this to me anytime of the day! Love this blog, she post mouth watering pictures of her daily diet!

She is a Whiz

Melly did it again!

Two Men with a Vision

Alex and Shangqian (SQ) from Coupe Cousu as we lovingly call them are the next generation of talented menswear designer in the market now filling the gap for really crisp, well tailored shirts and pants! I especially love their white shirts (Hot Seller!!) and their colour block cardigans! Not only are they really down to earth in person, they took a bold step out of their banking and accounting careers to pursue their love in fashion!

But I must say I am most impressed with their new blog, it's chic and info packed for the New man of today!

Perfect Cups

This will instantly make your guest smile!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

B-Boy Thoughts

What were your impressions of the Malaysia International Fashion Week when you were down here in 2008?

"It's kind of sad that in Asia, except maybe for Japan, the designers are really putting an effort but the locals don't wear much Malaysian designs. I asked some of the journalists who interviewed me today what are they wearing. Topshop, Zara... but no real Malaysian designers. So in order for a local fashion industry to survive, and it's not just in Malaysia, people just have to wear the clothes!"

I totally agree with what Bryan Boy shared! Hopefully one day this culture will change and more will embrace talents from their own country!

Asia Fashion Summit 2010

The conference started off with great TWG teas and mini bites at Four Seasons Hotel with WGSN being the main voice for the day! Was so mesmerized by Ms Sue Evans, Senior Catwalk Editor of WGSN sharing all the latest colour, trend and fabric predictions for Fall/Winter 2010!
I especially love this session where Mr Joseph Quartana, Buyer of Seven New York, Mr Terry Betts, Buyer for International Designer Collection and Accessories of Harvey Nicholas and Ms Bridget Cosgrave, Head Buyer of Matches gave an insightful sharing of how some of the world's most influential buyers look for when sourcing new talents!
Mr Martin Mason, CEO & Managing Director of Lulu Guinness sharing his thoughts on how they conquered the Asia market and what steps it takes to be successful.
Me and Johanna after the conference all pysched up about fashion, trends and all things beautiful! I'm wearing Diana Digital Cream Dress:)

Meeting Ashley!

While having late dinner at Food Republic at 313 Somerset, I bumped into Ashley Isham and he so politely allowed a picture even though he was eating! Big star with big personality wins!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Meet Miss Glitzy and Dot!

Miss Glitzy and Dot from Fashion Nation came by our shop earlier on! We are so thrilled as Dot will be wearing some of our creations for Audi Fashion Festival:) Here she is in Francesa white dress and me in Carrie white skirt. I have to gush that Miss Glitzy is really very tall and way lovely in person too!!

Smart Packaging

Now you see it and now you don't.

Colour Puzzle

The colour block painting looks way easy to complete and so lovely!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Diana Series in store!

On Betty, she is wearing Francesa White top and Carrie Black skirt. And on Belle, she is wearing our NEW Diana Digital Cream print dress!
We also have Diana tops and dresses in the very slinky soft graphic ziggy print as well! Drop by our store soon to try them all:)

All in placed

A perfect remedy for forgetful mind-hearted peeps like me!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Her Look

If I can wake up looking like someone, I will choose to be Dita who is looking so refreshing chic and that hat, lips and frills are to die for!!!


After a hard day at work, almost all of us went for a singing swinging gathering at Kbox! And boy was it fun as the younger ones sang Kpop songs which I had no idea and we oldies starting to sway to spice girls and backstreet boys and of course some chinese pop too! I think this will be a frequent event for all of us to unwind and sing out loud!

Missing in the photo was me taking the picture and Max & Ashburn who dropped by later on.

From my seat..

This is what I usually see.. designers from Next Next all well dressed and chatting about the latest in fashion. Try to spot one of us in the sales floor as we're all really friendly and we promise there are no designer airs!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

White Castle

This house is breathtakingly stunning!

Look at her

Lurrvvveee this self portrait!

Weekend Blues

Come by PARCO MARINA BAY today and tomorrow to catch the latest designs from Parco participating tenants on runway and you might walk away with some lovely goodie bags:) Best of all, it's at the footstep of Promenade MRT station so bring your family, friends, lovers and have a power packed weekend!

Handy Pocket

This clutch is so lovely!

Behind the Scene video- GLAD RAG DOLL

CHALK S/S 2010: GLAD RAG DOLL from Priscilla Tan on Vimeo.

Anders very sweetly helped to create this video collage for me and big thanks to my aunt Joanna for shooting the scenes as I got busy with the shoot! Pardon the camera resolution, we promised it will get better each season:)

Behind the Scene Video - Miss Dotti Bow

CHALK Pre Spring 2009- Miss Dotti Bow from Priscilla Tan on Vimeo.

And as promised earlier on, a short footage of what went behind the scene of Miss Dotti Bow collection in Cher Him's Studio! Big Thanks to Anders again for collating this video and to my mum for taking leave specially to help me at the shoot!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Another Day..

at work with Michelle and Max playing with their 'flap" pants! Dawn (Max's business partner) is giggling in the background.
And meeting Pretty Daphne from Elle Magazine who is always so well-dressed and so cheerful! Her pink shoes are beyond GORGEOUS!! Totally heart it:)
And that's Rayson and Johanna and me before we knock off to eat our dinner! We had an enormous amount of sambal kang kong to finish our nights in sparkles!