Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Song Teaser

Repercussions Teaser from Rupture on Vimeo.

Remember the project that we were working on for Mathilda's music video?! Here's the teaser and we really can't wait to see the final video soon! We designed 2 custom made dresses specially for the video and one of them will be appearing in our fall collection! And it's called Mathilda dress of course:)

Monday, August 30, 2010

New Hair

After having long hair for a couple of years..I decided it's time for a new look! So I head up to the hair salon and say snip it! And here I am with my new look:) Still find it's hard to believe that's me in the mirror!
This hairdo looks pretty chubs in a beanie hat! (Borrowed from Michelle from La Belle!)

Red Envy

Never have I thought red fruits and vegetables can look so expensive looking!:P

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fun at FashBash

We love our location at Fashbash over the weekend as we're near many great brands!
Kaixin came by to lend a hand and I finally got to meet her family:)
Su Peng came dressed in Dotti Bow striped top!!
And the other designers and I had tonnes of fun just munching on sweet goodies from candy floss, pop corn, bubble tea to curry fries!
Thank you to all who came by to support us and to say hi too!
To another great week ahead again:)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Flower Poof

What a clever way to doll up your painting with brooches, it makes the whole piece pop!


Won't this be an awesome place to just chill and unwind? Where the surroundings blends with the house interior:)

Tea Break

Since when you ever need a reason to snack?

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Movie Buff

If you're a movie buff and love just looking at all the iconic movie posters again and again, do check out this site! I'm a huge fan!


I think this mismatched colour nails is the next big thing!
Everyone seems to be wearing this look:)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sweet Sunday

This is the kind of food to eat on a lazy Sunday! Happy Weekend Everyone:)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


It's time once again for our favourite FASH BASH 2010! We're super excited as this time the location will be in the heart of the city at ORCHARD CENTRAL! So come by next weekend to shop and meet up with us:)

FashBash NATIONAL PRIDE edition

DATE: 28+29 August 2010 (Saturday, Sunday)

TIME: 11am to 8pm

LOCATION: Orchard Central, Discovery Walk, Level 1
(1min from Somerset MRT station, right next to 313@Somerset)

Knotty Frenzy

And the latest new arrivals we have today is my favourite Knotty pieces like Kerrie and Kathleen dresses and tops!
Initially, we tried 1 knot and by sheer chance we knotted another one on our paper pattern and sewed it together and the results was prettier than we imagined and we decided this will be the final look!
Kathleen dress comes in Sunshine yellow checks, Ash Brown checks, Navy Cupra and Cement Grey Cupra fabric as well! And best of all, they each come with contrasting reversible handmade belts and they are fully lined and with our favourite dress accessory: POCKETS!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Behind the Scene- Dreams of Pandora

I totally missed out sharing some behind the scenes pictures of the shoot with you guys! Firstly, the shoot could never go on so smoothly and well without a few wonderful people! I'll start with Karyn from Tsilli first:) She so generously showed her beautiful home to us and granted us a peek into her enchanting world!
Here I am with Emily our bubbly model from Perth and Karyn herself!
And our hero of the day was Tommie the puppy who stole the limelight and appeared as a star in many of our pictures!
I have my most trusted makeup artist Yanti who always work her magic on the models and she is honestly real fun to hang around with!
How can a shoot go on without accessories?! Here we have a great range which you have seen in our look book all from Icing Accessories!
And here is a final shoot of everyone involved! Warren you're the genius seriously:)
Thank you guys so very much:) I had a ball of time that day!!!

One of a Kind

He is really funny and so smart about his observation!
Love the way he sees education in another light:)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Cloudy Big Po

Larry from Sundays is really the best visual display guy in Parco Next Next! His booth is constantly packed with super adorable and interactive display and we are all in anticipation of his next window display!
Here can you guess who's that? It's Pauline the designer who won the recent Nation Pride event!! Her dress is simply way too awesome, you have to come to her store to see it for yourself!
And that's me with my new Cloudy Big Po..I named it Cloudy because of the hair cut and it's just so cute so yeah.. there u have it, your new mascot of the day!

Colour Punch

"I use colour like a punctuation mark in a sentence, really.
I think colours is optimistic, it makes you smile."

"You can always get the balance between things that are wearable but still have personality and a point of view."

Awesome quotes from Paul Smith himself taken from The Rake.
Courtesy of Alex from Coupe Cousu.

Rainbow Wipe

This idea is perfect to cheer on someone's day!:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

What are we eating?

Over the weekend I was in KL for a work trip and on my way back I caught Food.inc on the bus as the rest were either horror, romance or comedy. Food as we call know is something we can't leave without. So this entry is totally non-fashion related but super reflective as to how we have been perceiving our food, what goes behind the process of the nicely packed meat we get and honestly after this show, I am disgusted (Pardon my harsh words) with how I never once questioned where our food came from or how they are made, how the animals are treated and how beneficial is it to our body and our whole nature life cycle.

Really, is what we are eating normal or can we be part of the change to help our world?
I am ready for the change:)

Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Arrivals in Store: Stephanie Dresses and Tops

Approach me or my intern Kaixin anytime to try on all the looks!
We guarantee you'll fall in love with it the more you try it:) It also comes in a top version for you to play it smart with your office pencil skirt or work pants and go casual with a pair of dark jeans or shorts for a Dim Sum brunch!

Remember Dotti Dress from our first collection? Yes, we've revamped and reworked your favourite dress in our collection to date and made it more modern, more versatile and in a fabric that hangs beautifully on the body! Best part of it all is.. it makes one look like you shed 2 kg! So it's now officially called the pounds off dress:)

(That's what someone said to me when I wore this dress out for an event!!!Giggles:)

New Arrivals in Store: Pearlyn Dress

The 2nd most romantic design in our collection is here! In very soft raw-silk finish sateen, the dress is draped and pleated from form to enhance a woman's figure:) It comes in 4 delightful colours: Mustard Yellow, Bronze, Rose Pink-Cream and Black too! Come by soon to grab your weekend treat today!

Friday, August 13, 2010

We're featured in Sarah Klassen/Haute Design Blog!

We just can't stop smiling when we saw our designs posted on Haute Design! Sarah's blog is one of my ultimate favourite blog to read daily for the prettiest pictures and look books and we're really honoured she likes our designs too! The comments on her blog have greatly encouraged and inspire us to work even harder! Thank you:)

Spectacular Union

WOW. WOW and WOW! This video is a must watch for anyone who appreciates art, fashion and beauty! The clothes, the way Coco moves, the way Ruben sketches and how it all sync together into such a picture is simply breathtaking! I am very confident you'll enjoy it as much as I did!:) Happy weekend again!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

We're featured in Lifestyle.Xin.msn.com!

Check out more pictures and who came for the recent Nation Pride event here!

His Words

He won't be offended if he sees you destroy your very expensive Marc Jacobs collection pieces.

Sometimes we get very giddy and we start making things that really look like fashion-show clothes. And I say, “I have to believe that someone I know would wear this.” It’s just not enough to like some concoction. I’m not interested in making stuff for museums; I want the clothes to be worn. I don’t care if the girl sits on a curb in them after a party and they’re destroyed. I have to believe that there’s going to be a life for these things. Otherwise, I wouldn’t send them down the catwalk.

The quote above by Marc Jacobs is really reflective of what the women of today really want.

Breakfast Glory

If you're a breakfast lover or even if you're not, you have to visit Wild Honey at Mandarin Gallery for their SUPERB breakfast delights served all day! This morning, Mae, Jo and I ate our hearts out at this lovely place and we left thinking we can come back for lunch and dinner too! Ha.. Thanks ladies for your awesome giggly company!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Poster Girl

Really like the serenity and focus of the garments in this art exhibition Dior did in Shanghai.

In Order

This is such a lovely way to display your favourite items!

We're featured in URBAN, The Straits Times!

I got to know of this write up only after a customer called me in the morning asking if she can custom make it to her size. Big Thanks to the Urban team for featuring our multi-way Sally dress:) Really unexpected and it's such a lovely National Day surprise and here is wishing everyone a very Happy National Day!!Do what we love best, dine and shop this day away!

We're featured in CHIC Magazine!

For the CHIC awards issue, we were delighted to hear that we're nominated under the upcoming local designer category together with some other very talented designers:) We are so happy for Ownmuse who won this as they totally deserve it!