Friday, January 28, 2011

New Arrivals in store: Mathilda Goddness Dress

This is a really overdue post! Our most glamourous dress is finally in store! If you're thinking of getting a cocktail dress or a dressy piece for an event coming up this year, this might be your goddess moment! Pair it with stockings if you like the sexy look or pair it with a smart jacket for work and turn heads at a party when you paint the night with shimmers!

New Arrivals from SPRING 2011: Kate Dress, Kim Dress and Karen Dress in Red and Teal!

One of our best seller is Karen Dress, our size S and L have sold out! We're only left with 1 M. Don't fret as we have 2 more new colours (crimson red and teal) in store today! Equally gorgeous and more luxurious in silk rayon fabric.
Kate dress in Crimson Red and Teal is here too:)

And the other design is Kim dress, a wrap dress with a swing circle skirt bottom which also comes in crimson red. So step into Spring with either a confident red statement dress or deck out in teal the cool colour of this season!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

New Read: Just Being Audrey

This children book all about Audrey Hepburn looks really charming! Think I'll get them on Amazon today:)


This new online mag reminds me of Lucky magazine but with more articles and more images to go through while you're at the cafe!

Head down to "SHOP" this Saturday!

This weekend, if you're thinking of heading to a flea or just to enjoy a sea view stroll near Fullerton area, please come by our booth at SHOP to check out our 1st and 2nd collection:) We'll be offering more than 50%-70% off and some never seen before sample sale!
Catch you all soon and Thank you Chris from Honeycombers for the shoutout!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wedding Diary: Ice Cream Cart

We're definitely gonna have an ice cream cart after our church ceremony for our guests! Maybe we can invent our own flavours too:) Can't wait!

We're featured in!

MsGlitzy have just posted a new entry on alternative dressing for CNY and she highlighted some local designers and their wares styled with home furnishing! Very lovely idea:) Thank you Pei Xian for linking us!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Arrivals from SPRING 2011: Kelly Dress, Penny Dress and Patricia Dress

If you're still hunting for NEW dresses, look no further than our 3 NEW arrivals! We have them in all the styles you fancy based on the conversations we have with you guys:)
Kelly Dress- Off shoulder/toga beauty!
Patricia Dress- (Comes in pink and green stripes)
It comes with sleeves, lovely neckline and an optional obi belt to show off your curves!

This is my favourite picture...AWWWwww!
Penny Dress- (Comes in Green stripes and Pink Stripes)
Sleeveless dress that has pleated detail at the neckline and a lovely drape at the back!
And this dress is my personal favourite which I almost wanted to name the Priscilla dress (but decided I'll name my wedding dress I designed as that!)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Monday, January 17, 2011


Isn't this jewelry/earrings stand too lovely to be true?


If you've missed out on last weekend FASHBASH at Orchard Central to grab some great deals, don't worry! We have another lined up next Sunday and this time round, we're doing massive deals of your much awaited buys so you can shop with pocket friendly prices!

We'll be having more than 50-70% off our past season collections.*
Prices starts from $19 onwards.
Only limited sizes and design are available.

For more information, check out this site to purchase tickets!
*Past season collection includes Miss Dotti Bow and Glad Rag Doll range only.

Plastic Bag

Chanced upon this image again after Chanel a/w 09 show! I wondered if it's just a fashion show piece or it was ever made in production! Think you will get robbed pretty quickly with this IT bag!

We're featured in YAHOO Singapore!

Many Thanks for Faz for the writeup in Yahoo Singapore! Because of this post, we just met a new customer Celine:) And true to the report, this brand New Year bring on the colours, brighter than never before!

Friday, January 14, 2011

New Arrivals from SPRING 2011: Karen Dress and Sass Dress

Karen dress comes in an adorable carnival pattern print and also in plain red and teal(which will be coming next week!)
Sass dress can be worn off-shoulder or pinched up at the shoulder and it comes with a contrasting belt with mini scallop lace trimmings!

See you all at FASH BASH tomorrow at Orchard Central:)

Washing Tip: Colourfast

*To all our beloved customers who bought Kasey/Karla owl print dress, we strongly recommend that you do not soak your dress in water for long and to dry clean them if possible. This is to prevent the bias tape colour from running into your light coloured dresses. But if you prefer to set the tape colour, here is a tip:)

Set the colour of your desired dress with tapes or none with one part vinegar to three parts hot water plus 1 tsp of salt to get the best results!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

We're featured on THE NEW PAPER!

We appear in THE NEW PAPER today and in the article we shared how we got started loving fashion:) Many Thanks to Kelly and Sylvia for this opportunity:)

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Heroes

Our Spring shoot was the most amusing and funniest shoot we've done since we started! Have to THANK all who were involved in dolling our model and of course our bear bear:)

Awesome Photographer: Warren Wee
Russian Model: Orla K, Upfront Models
Best Make Up Artist: Yanti Huang
Friendly Hair Stylist: Emily Eng
Cutest Bear Mascot: Roland Ng
Most helpful Fashion Intern: Hilda Yunita

All headbands designed specially by Elaine Pang from All Things Green and Beautiful
Gorgeous Shoes sponsored by SHITO (Thanks Cheryl and Alice!)
Jewelry: Icing Gifts (Thanks Jan and Mei!)

We shot our lookbook at Botanical gardens and many times during the shoot, passerby stopped and took pictures of our Bear star and some kids were seen running towards our Bear shouting.."BEAR BEAR..Mummy got BEAR BEAR"! Ha..we know we're off to a very happy start!

Chalk Profession

Desiron Chalk Art from Dana Tanamachi on Vimeo.

If I can't be a fashion designer, I want to be a CHALK typography artist!!

We're featured on!

Many Thanks to Tiffany for featuring our latest collection on and special thanks to Niki for the heads up:)

Yarn Notes

If I have spare knitting yarns, I might try this adorable tagging method!


Isn't this adorable! Makes me want to play with cotton wool wipes:P

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Wedding Diary: My Glass Slipper

Every bride needs a cinderella moment. I just got mine from my sweetheart! AHH!!!

We're at FASHBASH this weekend!

If you're cracking your head over what to wear for Chinese New Year or just want a new wardrobe after spring cleaning! Come by FASH BASH this coming weekend and stock up a brand NEW SPRING chirpy you! Jot down the date and venue below:

Venue: Orchard Central (Nearest train stop is Somerset MRT)

Date: 15 and 16th Jan 2011 (Sat and Sun)

Time: 11am-8pm

Stall: 20 (Come say hi to us!)

We will be launching our SPRING 2011 collection with a VERY special collaboration with Elaine from All things green and beautiful who designed all the headbands used in our photoshoot! They are all handmade from scratch and designed with so much love!
Each piece is only $36 and are exclusively made for us only!
We only have 5 per design so come by early to snap them up:)

New Arrivals from SPRING 2011: STORY OF BROOCH

Paige dress comes with scallop embroidered trim on delicate chiffon.
Fabric from France.

We melt with love when we first purchased this beautiful fabric and we hope you will fall deeply in love with it too:)

First Glimpse to SPRING 2011: STORY OF BROOCH

Karla Pink Owl Print Dress

Kasey Pink Owl Print Dress
Finally, we're pleased to present our latest collection in 2 new designs that have hit our stores!
They are Kasey and Karla Owl Print dresses! If you're curious what the prints look like, just look at our illustrations in the photos:) It comes in pink and grey!
More designs to come by this week..WEEH!