Friday, September 10, 2010

A WhirlWind Trip

Just spent a really fruitful and awesome trip in melbourne over the past week and I'm back to share some pictures:) When I touched down, I went straight to the Tim Burton Exhibition!!

And ended the night with West Side Story musical which had some really great dance moves!
Ate so much wonderful food and went so broke!
It felt like we're eating Wild Honey every single day!
Ko Ko Black chocolate drink is seriously too addictive!
The art scene is bustling with so much colour and passion! We saw the graffiti artists using paints instead of just spray paints and working on their art work with so much passion!
A gigantic purse which many used as seats in front of GPO.

How can a trip to Australia not include Koala bears! It was so hard hunting for them in the conservation centre!

Wombats were real cute too!
And of course the highlight was the miniature penguins parade at Phillip Island which was freezing cold!

More chocolates and more desserts!

Spring is here but the weather is still ultra COLD!

The trip ended with us having a great brunch at a converted tram stop which is now a cafe owned by two hip gays!

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