Friday, December 10, 2010


Beautiful handmade cupcakes from Fiona:)

Wei Wei and me
Sharon and Wei loong from Soon Lee/Rock Star

My two very beautiful and talented interns!!! Hilda and Kaixin:)
Jan and Mei from Icing Gifts
Designers from Parco Next Next! Alex and SQ from Coupe Cousu and Michelle from La Belle
James and Stacey from La Mode Outre
And the very supportive Jingyin
Kamal and Nicolette with their adorable new born!
And the star of the day, Ezra with our polka dot napkins

Once again, just want to THANK everyone for making time to come by our Birthday Party! This one year has been so fruitful and each and everyone of you have made a mark in our journey! To more years to come:) Cheers!!

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