Thursday, February 17, 2011

Visit us at our NEW Pop Up Shop!

After weeks of hard work tagging, lugging and decorating.. our very first POP UP SHOP is now OPEN! If you've always wanted to view our designs right from our first collection, this is the best time:) And because of the beautiful spacious environment, you can view our complete range in lovely colour wave we created if you're just having any colour mood! So hop down to town and lend us your support and smiles today!

We're located at the 2nd floor ladies wear department of Isetan Scotts (Shaw House).
We'll only be here from 17th Feb- 10th March! For a limited time only.

p/s: A big shoutout to Fiona and Zhiling for lending your support on our opening!! And to Aunt Ning, Shihui, Hilda, Corey, Uncle Tan, Ro for all the help. Won't know how this can be done without you guys!! Not forgetting Evelyn and Suzanne from Swirl who gave me the lamp and screen in their naked state before I did the paintwork.

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