Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding Diary: Utter Disappointment

This evening, my partner and I were really excited to go for some gown hunting and we're hoping to get a really nice cheong san or evening inspired piece. As we're heading towards Orchard Hotel for some wonderful japanese food, we thought it will be great to visit Francis Cheong, one of Singapore's biggest name in couture evening gowns!

Stepping into the shop was the biggest mistake ever simply because of the following conversation I had with their sales staff who was in her 50s. After viewing some beautiful pieces, I asked if I could try one on and imagine my horror when she replied rudely.

Me: Hi, can I try on this lovely gown?

Sales staff: it's 12k you know! (With that look that says are you sure you can afford this!)

Me: (Looking confused why when I didn't ask for the price but for a chance to try) Sure can I please try it?

Sales staff: We're closing, you need appointment to try. And she went on and added the dress you see is sample and we can't let you try cause it is torn. We got a customer who ordered it already.

Me: (At that point looking really dismayed that this beautiful gown had cuts and holes on it and it's displayed on the racks!!!!)

Me: Oh sure, could I have your name card please.

Sales Staff: (Giving me the unwilling look and she passed me the designer card) She added that everything here starts from 5k ya. Our designer will be around when you call for your appointment.

WOW! Is this what you call service to your customers? What a way to impress as my respect for the brand has went from as glitzy as the sparkle on the dress to as low as the hemline of the dresses.

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