Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Whole Week

If you realized things have been quiet here..that's cause I went to Melbourne:) And boy was it a really great trip with so much art to admire, I particularly love this painting at a winery we went in Yarra Valley!
Food was consistently so awesome, I have to admit I gain some chubs!
Imagine my joy when I spotted Rob Ryan works and bought so many of his cards just to ogle at the beautiful cutouts!
Soaked in the wintery chilly cold breeze with stunning winter blossoms..
Went for wine tasting and cheese loving trip to Yarra Valley!
And we just can't stop eating and drinking and almost getting drunk!
And went totally gawked over this insanely intelligent design from Vienna in the late 1980s
To visiting so many opt shops and bazaars filled with vintage fabrics, lights, furniture, suitcases to posters! Gosh I'm still piecing all the wonderful ideas and penning them down before my holiday memories are gone..

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