Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Wedding Diary: We are the stars!

Just received the pictures of our pre wedding shoot and boy are they lovely! Having never wanted a shoot to this was just pure fun:) I guess the best part of it all were all the props, outfits and laughter we shared with nature love.

Ha..I made him do a proposal pose so I'll never forget this moment with a rock candy ring:)
We spent the whole day just running, jumping, flying the kites, posing and doing silly faces!
And my proudest moment was wearing my own self made "minnie mouse" bow veil with such joy! This has to be my favourite picture out of 230 shots Gina took of us!

This shoot cannot be possible without enchanting Phuket, Gina Smith a brilliant New Zealand photographer based in Phuket and my two very stunning make up artists:) Will get their names real soon!

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