Saturday, December 31, 2011

The day I turned Mrs...

Finally my wedding pictures are all ready and here is my little diary of the best day of my life!
We did so many DIY paper art work for this event..everything arty was hand drawn and printed from scratch!
And of course my blinking cinderella slippers
And behold the MR of my life!
With my gorgeous Maid of Honor Antonia in my creation! Regina dress:)
We knew we wanted rings with a purpose!
A beautiful group shot of my bridesmaid and me..
Finally the day is here!
Totally love my vintage Dita Von Teese inspired thirties half moon nail!

We had 2 talented sketch artists who received praises for their great portrait sketches...

Remember our ex intern Hilda?
Johanna from Ownmuse made me a custom made matching bracelet for my dress! And this dress took us a month to bead with more than 10 differents beads and pearls. Jo, Shuang, Michelle are the angels of my dress as they helped me so much and we were even beading the night before the wedding.

The best MC of the evening. Antonia in Dee drape dress and Anders!
My evening dress was inspired by my favourite movie "An affair to remember" and I totally heart every part of it!

Mathilda sang the most beautiful song "La Vie En Rose" by Edith Piaf for us.
My hero shared a story of how he may not be my shiny knight but can be the horse that carries the princess...awww..
The best dance of the night was with my dad.
All cheers to all our guests for being so sporting in donning on our king and queen paper crowns!
This dream wedding is not possible without the great dedicated team of Wonderland! Thank u Melissa, Sandra and Reina for all their hard work and of course to all our friends and family who came by to be with us!


  1. Hi there

    Can I haf the two talented sketch artists contact no? Was thinking to get them to sketch 1 for my bestie wedding gift


  2. I got the contacts from my wedding planner. Will need to check and get back to you!

  3. Thanks lotssss!!!
    Cant wait :)


  4. Here are their contacts! Email them to find out more:)

    Denise-Jillian Tan

    Tiffany Tan