Friday, May 7, 2010

Meet Mina!

I got to know Mina through Serene from To the Nines and before we met, she styled Sally dress in black for one of her shoots! Through our conversation, I found out that she was one of the judging panel who judged for the Topshop/Topman award in 2007 when she was at Female Magazine! And she just started her blog which is filled with great articles on her take on fashion and many fabulous freebies too!
Mina now a freelance writer, stylist and editor popped by just a few hours ago and she is way cool and so bubbly!! Love the way she talks and you can literally see sparkles in her eyes when she talk about fashion! She gave me some really good pointers on how to improve my designs too:) Most importantly, it's just awesome to meet someone who is so passionate in promoting local designers!! We need more people like her!

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