Friday, November 19, 2010

Who is Annie?

We’re pleased to present: CHALK Fall 2010 Collection- SHE IS ANNIE

Chalk unveils the holiday season with a new line inspired by Annie Hall. Post-modern, intellectual and eternally conflicted about NOT being conflicted, Annie is the quintessential woman of today grappling with career, relationships and that elusive meaning in life.

Work stress, angry disgruntled red-faced boss, endless paper work and that colleague who just won’t shut up? Annie looks calm and relaxed. Legs crossed, mind focused, pen at her lips. Unperturbed. She looks confident. She knows it. C’est La Vie

Work late. Angry disgruntled boyfriend/husband. Dab on that red lipstick. One wink and he falls under her spell. The city lights beckon, washing away dark thoughts of day.

Sometimes the world can wait. And sometimes, just sometimes, the world waits on you.

Chalk addresses the complexities of the woman today with a range of dresses and outfits to suit each moment from day to night. Whether it be light comfortable pieces for work or a casual date to elegant shimmering drapes to match the dazzling city at night, this collection has one theme in mind. To make every moment your very own.

Say: C’est La Vie. Also say: Life is what you make of it.

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