Friday, July 16, 2010

Countdown to High Summer 2010: 16th July

After some doodling and painting, we've completed the lookbook cover!
And here's a write up about our collection:)

CHALK delves into the dream lands of Pandora, bringing along little soft pieces of dream hues and images woven into the fabrics of reality. Priscilla Tan has always been an ardent reader of fashion blogger Miss Pandora and is back with this new collection - one that aims to sublimate Miss Pandora’s dream images through the mirror of the designer’s perception into reality.

As a poet weaves existing words together to give rise to new emotions and meaning, Priscilla strives to create a style that is based contextually on her own imagination and yet stays faithful to the classic look portrayed by Miss Pandora. The result is a lovely synthesis between the whimsical, feminine and the spirited. Dresses, tops and skirts with colours that seem to almost blend with the contours and movements of the wearer, making one appear to be within a dream.

CHALK invites you into this land of dreams and encourages you to lose yourselves with us. For what is the self?

To quote Rimbaud, “Je est un autrĂ©.” I am another.


  1. I'm excited... hope to gt some sneak previews soon! May I know when's the actual launch date?

  2. Hi Kyra.. Thanks for the comment:) We're equally excited too! Pictures of the collection will slowly be revealed on the website and blog! There will be a launch party soon but we'll share more information about it v v soon!

  3. Hi Pris, sounds cool! Lookg forward to all the updates! :)