Tuesday, July 27, 2010

PARCO Nation Pride Event

Love this cute demo of a paper heart via this great blog!

Not sure if anyone of you know but Parco will be organizing a Nation Pride event where each designer from Parco Next Next will design an outfit that speaks of their love for Singapore. It's going to be a huge installation happening at Millennia Walk and customers can choose which is their favourite design and there will be a private party happening next week!

Date: 5th August 2010
Day: Thursday
Time: 7pm sharp
Venue: Millennia Walk Grand Hall
Dress code: Come support this event in any Singaporean designer ware!

CHALK have 5 pairs of VIP invites reserved specially for you! It will be a night of mingling with the designers, delicious munchy delights and DJ spinning in the background! To win the tickets post a comment here about why you love Singapore fashion and the best 5 entries gets a chance to mingle with the best in Fashion, Art and design of Singapore!

The deadline of this contest ends on the 2nd of August 2010.
(Please include your name and email address when you comment, so I can inform you when you're the lucky 5!)


  1. Singapore fashion is unique and affordable for designer wear, and because it's usually produced in limited quantity, you don't get everyone and their mother wearing the exact same top as you, even in such a tiny country like ours! Kudos to local talent!

  2. Hi Jac, Thanks soo much for your comment! Do send me ur email address so I can inform you when the 5 winners are chosen! Send it to priscilla@ilovechalk.com

  3. I love Singapore Fashion because they are so wearable and when I wear them out on the streets and people ask where do I got them from and commented on the wonderful artpiece, I felt so proud to say that its from a Singaporean designer!! As Singaporeans, shouldn't we totally embrace and support our local fashion talents? ;-)

    Name: Ng Su Peng
    Email add: shuping_14@hotmail.com

  4. Hi Jac, I need to RSVP for the invites. Mind giving me your email address soon? Thanks:)

  5. hi Priscilla,