Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Sourcing Trip Part I

Finally we're back from our very exhausting but super uber FUN HK and Guangzhou trip! Walked a million miles, ate 6 meals a day and end up booking the wrong flight and getting food poisoning isn't really how I imagined my trip will end..
In HK, we just ate the best and the finest simply because we were so starved after all the walking and the weather was insanely melting HOT! Here's a sneak peek at our Yung Kee Roast GOOSE and salted egg vegetables!
We had so much dim sum, we cannot even count the numbers and we're at Maxim Palace Restaurant where they serve divine rock sugar beancurd that melts in your mouth!
Mae was my room mate in HK and we had a blast chilling in the day and night in our swanky posh boutique hotel! (more pictures and details on that very soon!)
And we got into a wrong lift that had such adorable retro buttons! More pictures and stories in the next post! Stay tuned:)

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